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La La Booty Diapers

All the Info

In a Nutshell

Welcome! La La Booty Brands was founded in 2023 by Me, Kelly Jankowski.  I first created Thea Evelyn Designs, LLC to explore my ADHD crafty and creative side and share my creations with the world.

La La Booty was established specifically to focus on cloth diapering and all things baby/mama related.  Being a wife and mom of 3 living children and one angel baby is a huge part of my identity. To be able to design and create something meaningful, comfortable and fun for others makes me really happy.

My designs are my own unless otherwise noted.  

How did I come up with the name?  My kiddos like to taunt each other while jumping into the pool and they started shouting "La La Booty" at each other much like one would say "Na Na Na Boo Boo" and it has become a silly saying in our house. What kiddo doesn't giggle at the word Booty? 

Thea Evelyn Designs LLC was named after my daughter Thea. I carried her until she died at 17 weeks, she had a Cystic Hygroma and Down Syndrome. She changed my life and I am grateful to her. Using her name is a small way I get to keep her with me everyday. 

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